Navigating Genealogies

Or “Stop naming your kids after your parents!” So, I finally got a copy of my all-important research book (the one I was complaining of in the last post). I got it in about 2 weeks from the library’s Inter-Library-Loan … Continue reading

Seven Months Later…

I’ve mentioned before (in this post) about a specific book I need for research purposes. I also mentioned how much trouble I was having getting my hands on this particular piece of research. Yesterday I encountered another, major setback in … Continue reading

More Research

Most skillful fiction requires a certain amount of research, even if it’s just general outlines of a topic, no more than you can get from an hour or so on Wikipedia. Historical fiction of all types (Historical Romance, Historical Fantasy, … Continue reading


What is it and how can I get some? Anyone who spends any time around the AW forums knows the first rule for success in writing is the “Butt In Chair” principle. There’s no “magic trick”, just sit down and … Continue reading


Writing a historical is an interesting new variation on an old experience. My Readers may remember that I mentioned a new project a little while ago. I’m beginning writing a historical novel. This isn’t a genre I have too much … Continue reading