The Carrot is Mightier Than the Sword

((Also posted on my Wattpad.)) The 1st Battalion, Heavy Hop Brigade, known as the Carrot-tops in most circles and Dragontamers in certain circles, stirred restlessly in their ranks. Colonel Brun Auribus rested impassively on his lance, the twitching of his … Continue reading

“The Elizabeth Stories”

I found The Elizabeth Stories by Isabel Huggan by accident in a used book store in Evanston on the recent vacation. I had a ladies’ day with a friend, and we went into a wonderful used book store just to … Continue reading

December Update

Well, Nanowrimo is over for another year. I didn’t win it, but I did write most days, so that’s something. I finished with 17,000 words exactly (yes, I orchestrated that because I’m OCD about things like that!) in my novel, … Continue reading