I really hate doing it… I’m currently waiting on two relatively major events. First, my due date is rapidly approaching (about 11 days) so I am at the stage of pregnancy where labor could literally begin at any moment. *Pauses … Continue reading

June Story Contest

Because I don’t have enough projects already! The always-helpful MacAllister Stone from Absolute Write tweeted about a story contest being held at Words Undone. I happened to catch the tweet, and went to look at the contest. I’m not sure … Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

Getting away for a while can be great for the creative juices. I am home again safely! Scotland was beautiful, and I shared a lot of lovely countryside and interesting historical spots in a very short time with my family. … Continue reading

Birth of a Novella

All about my first steps in a new direction. A month or so ago I began writing a short story, more as a practice than because I had a specific story in mind. I wanted to try my hand at … Continue reading

More Submission

But not in the kinky way, of course. The Author is innocent! Well, I did it again. I went and released a story into the cold, uncaring world of the publishers*. I took the story I had previously submitted, “The … Continue reading


Ah well, everyone has to have a few rejections in their writing career. My first one came late last night. I submitted a short dark-fantasy piece called “The Snow Maiden” to Three Crows Press for their erotica issue, and they … Continue reading

A Writer’s Resolutions

Today being the last day of the new year, I thought it would be appropriate to do all those New Years type list-things. Since I started only barely over a month ago in my blog, a look back is not … Continue reading