“Curtsies & Conspiracies”

(I haven’t finished The Hippopotamus Pool yet, so here’s another book I read this past month instead.) Curtsies & Conspiracies is the second book in Gail Carriger’s YA Finishing School series. I’ve been waiting eagerly to read this one, and … Continue reading

Epic Flash Fiction Challenge

I had so much fun writing the last story for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenge, I decided to go again when he made the Epic Game of Aspects: Redux Challenge. This time we were given lists of 20 choices for … Continue reading

Girl Genius Day

If you don’t know what Girl Genius is yet, shame on you. Yes that’s right. Today is officially Girl Genius Day. I’ve┬ámentioned before how much I love the webcomic Girl Genius, and how it started my interest in steampunk. It … Continue reading


Finally read it!! Today is Holloween, All Hollow’s Eve, or Samhain depending on your traditions. It is also the last day before the mighty plunge into NaNoWriMo. I racked my brain to figure out what an appropriate topic for today … Continue reading


Some news, not necessarily writing related. In some ways, this has been a very melancholy weekend. I’ve spent it saying goodbye to my friends here in the UK, and winding myself up into my usual “pre-travel hysteria” which I find … Continue reading

Adventures in London

A mostly pictorial story. I decided to scrap my original blog plans of having a pre-written automatic update today, and thought I’d instead post a few pictures of my adventures with my friend C. in London. We came down by … Continue reading

Projects, past and present.

A bit of a roundup of writing projects, and their statuses. There is supposed to be a picture with this post, but WordPress refuses to wrap text. It is with great satisfaction that I announce the completion and submission of … Continue reading

Feels Like Failure

The liberation of Failure. Thanks J.K. Rowling! I have not finished a first draft of my Novella, Through Brass Goggles, in accordance with my goal. I’m not likely to do so today either, since I still have at least 12k … Continue reading

Birth of a Novella

All about my first steps in a new direction. A month or so ago I began writing a short story, more as a practice than because I had a specific story in mind. I wanted to try my hand at … Continue reading

Science Fiction Vs. Fantasy

Much like the age old questions, “chicken or the egg?”, and “pirates or ninjas?”, Science Fiction vs. Fantasy is one of those unanswerable questions of life. But, while I can see the appeal of the first two questions, I have … Continue reading