This Year’s Winners

Are you a Nanowrimo winner this year? Nanowrimo is over for another year. To those of you who finished and won this year, I salute you and congratulate you heartily! There is nothing quite like that feeling of relief and … Continue reading

Outside the Box

Boxes are for cats and children to play in, not to put yourself in. Throughout much of our lives we can spend a lot of time fighting against being put into some box or another. Especially when we’re younger, we … Continue reading

Done!! (Sort of…)

Hey look! A real blog post! Pretend it’s Sunday still… That’s right, you heard right, I’m D-O-N-E DONE with my dissertation! Sort of. I have completed the writing there-of, but I still have to go over it with with a … Continue reading

June Story Contest

Because I don’t have enough projects already! The always-helpful MacAllister Stone from Absolute Write tweeted about a story contest being held at Words Undone. I happened to catch the tweet, and went to look at the contest. I’m not sure … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Blog Fest

Today it’s all about Dialogue. Alright, as promised, today is blog-fest day! The point is to post a bit of our dialogue that we particularly like. So, I’ve decided to post a passage from Through Brass Goggles, because despite the … Continue reading


How I use outlines. I really don’t like outlines. I feel like they’re restrictive, and I’d rather just sit down and start writing, letting the ideas flow organically from my brain onto the page. Even for school papers, I’ve always … Continue reading

Feels Like Failure

The liberation of Failure. Thanks J.K. Rowling! I have not finished a first draft of my Novella, Through Brass Goggles, in accordance with my goal. I’m not likely to do so today either, since I still have at least 12k … Continue reading