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Last weekend I had a very bad mental health day, spending the day in bed watching Netflix and crying. I was looking for a show to watch, and I’d been hearing good things about this new Netflix Original “One Day at a Time” so I figured I’d take a chance on it. I was hooked immediately, and I’ve already watched it all the way through twice since then.

The show is a remake of a 1975 tv show about a single mother. This one has been modernized for 2017, and stars a Cuban family. The grandmother is played by Rita Moreno, who is hysterical and perfect. The others are less well-known actors and actresses, but they all do amazing jobs, so I hope this is a jumping-off-point and we start seeing them in more big roles now.

The writing is pretty amazing as well, being funny and heart-wrenching by turns while also being one of the most progressively feminist pieces of television media I’ve ever seen. They cover issues like mental health, veterans services, LGBT coming out, experiences of people of color particularly Latinx in America, faith, immigration, and privilege without either preaching or tiptoeing around the topic so much it’s obscured. That’s a delicate balance, and the writers/show-runners manage to hit the right note more often than not.

The show is pretty ground-breaking in a lot of ways, but it’s not perfect. It has a few moments that make me wish it had gone a different way, or make me squint a bit at the screen. But none have been so glaring and offensive as to make the rest of the show unpalatable, and it has fast rocketed up to one of my regular rewatch shows. I’m about to start rewatching it for the third time, but this time I’m going to go a little slower.

I’ve been wanting to do another series about a tv show again. I enjoyed doing the West Wing recaps even though I didn’t get very far. SO MUCH happens in the 50 minutes of those episodes, it was far too time consuming to get everything into a recap. With One Day at a Time, it’s only a half-hour show, so each episode shouldn’t be quite so time consuming. Plus, there is so much good material on issues I care deeply about, that the posts are going to practically write themselves. I’m going to focus less on recapping the episode, and do more of a ‘watch along’ style, with commentary.

Those will be starting this weekend. Each post will have spoilers for the episode in question, but I won’t spoil any of the future episodes. So if anyone truly does want to watch along with me, they can.

This introductory part was meant to go at the top of the first post, but it turned out I had too much gushing to do, so it needed it’s own post! Anyway, look out for the first One Day at a Time Rewatch post in the next few days!

Oh, and yes the posting of this on this day is no coincidence. Because in the terrifying new world we find ourselves in starting today, this is a show that gives me hope about the future. And we’re going to need all the hope we can get.

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