Unruly Characters

No one is as unruly as Bugs and Daffy.

I was recently reminded of this clip on AbsoluteWrite.

I’ve seen that particular Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck skit before, but I had never considered it in the context of being a writer. The relationship between Bugs and Daffy in this Warner Brother’s Short almost perfectly exemplifies the relationship between authors and characters in my experience. The ones who come to life fight back, and good authors are real stinkers to their characters. And sometimes the author can’t make up their mind where or when to place the story until the characters tell them.

My most disobedient and demanding character to date is Zona from Through Brass Goggles. She is probably my second-favorite character because of it. Zona would be first, but my dragon Aurelia is not just a character but almost my muse as well. Who is yours? Are they your favorite?

Currently Reading: Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


Unruly Characters — 2 Comments

    • I’ve never had any real stinker characters either. But I’ve definitely been a stinker TO my characters (which is what I meant, sorry if I was unclear). As someone said, “What horrible thing can I do to my character today?” 😀

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