Welcome to The Library 2.0


It’s HERE!

My very own domain, and a new blog (which, admittedly looks rather like the old one for now because I liked the look of it) and everything! Of course, all the credit goes to my amazing coworker, the Master and Fixer of All Things (his actual title, he assures us). Without him, I never would have gotten WordPress properly installed on my new site.

But now, here it is, the Library is here in its new home, and it’s here to stay. So, if you have a link saved to my old site, please update your bookmarks and such.

This move was prompted by a desire to have full control over my site and domain, as well as my friend who had previously hosted the site wanting to shut down her domain. I will be forever grateful to her for her years of patient trouble-shooting and hosting my original blog. But now it’s time to have my own little corner of the Internet all to myself.

Rest assured, the content will remain about the same though. Random assortments of Book Thoughts, Wild Flash Fiction Stories, and the occasional foray into current events or politics or whatever.

And just because I want to christen the new domain properly, an old picture of my puppy wrestling with her papa.

Bella and Max

Welcome back to the Library! Thank you for reading, and for being patient with my recent uncertainties.

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