Wood Grain Stories

Does anyone else ever look for pictures and patterns in the grain of the wood surrounding them?

I’m always seeing pictures in the grain of a door or a floor-board. For instance, currently there’s the silhouette of a female figure in the wood of the bathroom door (which may or may not be real wood, I have no idea). I like to think of her as the outline of the wood-nymph who lived in the tree the door came from. Maybe the tree is gone, but her spirit lives on in the swirls of the grain. In other places I’ve found faces and other silhouettes, half an ear, eyes, etc. I’ve been looking for these little stories in the wood since I was a little girl, especially in bathrooms (I hope the reason is obvious…). Sometimes there’s no shapes, just the parallel lines of the tree’s rings, but often there’s something. And usually that something is enough for me to make up little stories in my head about the picture my imagination supplies.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my bathroom-door nymph for your viewing pleasure.

I've added arrows for those whose imaginations are less wild than mine, because I'm helpful like that.

I’ve added arrows for those whose imaginations are less wild than mine, because I’m helpful like that.

If you can see her too, feel free to make up your own stories about her, or tell me the stories you make up about random things in your world. Otherwise I’m just the crazy-lady talking to herself on the internet about wood-nymphs only she can see. πŸ˜‰


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