Words on a String

I just want to take a moment to direct the interested Reader over to ‘Words on a String’, a website run by a very dear friend, who incidentally also very kindly hosts this website. It was originally a private site for just a few of us to share our stories with each-other. However, recently among the authors who share over there, we began to think perhaps we should share these stories with a wider audience as well. So, each author has her own section within the site. Each of us is solely responsible for the content in our own sections. And finally, all of the work is unpublished, and much of it is unfinished. If you enjoy the stories, please do let us know, and perhaps it will inspire us to go back and complete them. If you find errors, in my section at least, feel free to let me know. My section is the one titled ‘Lia’s Shelf.’

So go, read, and enjoy.


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  1. Your template is stunning and has the feeling of an old library with comfy, used leather chairs. I can almost smell the scent of books and hear the sliding ladder squeal from one shelf to the other. I’m on to Words on a String.

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